Monday, 28 December 2015

celebration confetti cake - perfect for every occasion!

Wait! The festivities are not over! I know you’re suitably stuffed and cannot move out of your sofas but there’s more! I have gained about a full stone in weight after having consumed more than one roast dinner and plenty of desserts. However, we still have new years to celebrate and I of course have my birthday. So if you’re looking for an amazingly delicious cake to bring an elegant flourish to your New Year’s party then bake this cake. My sister tells me it is her all-time favourite cake (I can tell you she’s not fibbing as she manged to polish off a third of a slightly smaller version last Eid). This ten inch cake feeds around 20!

I made this cake with whipped egg whites to lend lightness to the crumb as well as a pale colour to really enhance the inclusion of coloured sprinkles in the batter. The cake is flavoured with a mixture of vanilla and almond extract, which is one of my favourite combinations and the frosting is to die for as it’s the best of butter cream and cream cheese - not too tangy and not cloyingly sweet. I was lucky enough to partner with Wayfair for this post so do head over to their page for a lovely step by step tutorial on the link below. I promise you it’ll be worth it! Happy New Year!  

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