Thursday, 3 December 2015

festive orange & cinnamon baked rice pudding

Remember my last recipe? Of course you do! Those lovely pieces of candied citrus peel that I made for my holiday baking. And of course the by-product was a good amount of aromatic orange scented syrup which I've incorporated into the recipe for this yummy baked rice pudding. If you didn’t make the peel just use one orange to create the syrup as per my instructed below. The syrup is super simple to make and you can keep the pieces of syrup infused peel for decorating or keep them for another recipe. So it's a win-win situation. :) 

This rice pudding is rich and creamy and not overly sweet, and a twist on a British classic. I love the skin on top as it adds extra flavour and the orange and cinnamon with just an undertone of vanilla gives such a warm dish. If you’re looking for an afternoon treat or a hearty dessert for a holiday dinner this will definitely warm you up and delight your guests.

Ingredients (serves 4)
100g short grain rice
700ml whole milk
150ml single cream
5 tbs orange infused syrup (about 75ml)
1 medium free range egg (yolk only)
1 tsp vanilla extract
2/3 tsp cinnamon
20g butter

For the orange infused syrup
Peel only of one large orange (blanched three times for 5 minutes each time)
110 ml water
130g granulated sugar

In a medium sized pan add milk and bring to the boil. Once it has come to the boil, reduce heat to low and simmer 5 minutes.

Meanwhile preheat oven to 170c or 150 (fan) /gas mark 4.

Rinse rice and add to the milk, along with cinnamon, vanilla and orange syrup. Bring to boil and simmer on medium heat for ten minutes, adding the cream halfway.

Transfer to an ovenproof dish and ensure that there is around 2 inches of space along the sides as the rice pudding will increase in volume when baking.

Make the egg yolk glaze by whisking egg yolk with a couple of tbs of the milk from the pudding and drizzle over the top of the pudding.

Dot with little bits of butter and bake 30 mins gas mark 4. If the pudding looks like it has absorbed all the liquid, just add a little more milk (about 50ml) along the sides of the dish and bake another 5 minutes.

Decorate with candied citrus is desired and serve warm or chilled. 

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