Hi! I'm Dina, London based writer, poet and foodie. I'm excited to share with you my passion for good food, which stems from my mother’s very Bengali kitchen to my own eclectic one. I've grown up with hearty, wholesome cooking that cures anything from a broken heart (even if it’s at the expense of Mr Darcy) to unwelcome rainy afternoons - all fixed with hot samosas and endless cups of tea. 

I love food, – from British classics to South Asian and Far Eastern dishes – inspired by food and travel shows which I am ridiculously obsessed with. Oh, and I have a weakness for anything sweet. Especially cake:). 

My cooking tends to be instinctive, and I enjoy changing things up and creating new recipes.  As the family baker and maker of snacks for Nasta – in short the Bengali version of afternoon tea, I love to try out family recipes from my mum, aunties and grandma. So stay tuned for yummy dishes that will take you from simple weeknight suppers to weekend get-togethers. Have fun cooking! 

P.S Here are a couple of links to places where my work has been featured :)

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The Telegraph

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